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Motorcycle Highschool

Regular as well as adjusted driving and motorcycle lessons.

Driving should be fun and safe. That’s what we believe in. One-on-one lessons and personal guidance by the same instructor. Once a year we go on a driving excursion with (former) students, where we share our mutual passion for motorcycles.

Personal Attention

We believe in the strength of an individually tailored course for you. We are going into this together and together we’ll get you through.

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Rene van den Bogaard

IBKI and KNMV certified instructor.

Meet Rene. Thanks to years of experience, passion for his work and a love for motorcycles, he knows how to get his students over the ’finish line’. Rene has also specialized in working with ASD.


  • Willem Rosestraat 10, 5622 GH Eindhoven

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  • Monday – Thursday: 08:00 – 20:00 | Fr, Sat: 08:00 – 17:00

Personal guidance

Motorcycle Highschool instructors have followed a course to guide students with ASD.


”I have learned that driving a car comes with responsibility. I am very happy that after a lot of effort I finally got my license. ’Rene always had a lot of patience, dispite my difficulties to get the hang of certain actions. Rene always had the confidence that I can drive. The midterm exam was great to practice for my final exam, because of this I didn’t have to take a special skills test. This made my final exam much easier!“

What we want from you

A smile on your face. Getting your license is about more than just some practice.
We will get you over that finish line!

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