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About us

Motorcycle Highschool

Regular as well as adjusted driving and motorcycle lessons.

Driving should be fun and safe. That is what we believe in. One-on-one lessons and personal guidance by the same instructor. Once a year we go on a driving excursion with (former) students, where we share our mutual passion for motorcycles.

René Van den Bogaard

Meet René. Thanks to years of experience, passion for his work and a love for motorcycles, he knows how to get his students over the ‘finish line’. René has also specialized in working with ASD. René is an IBKI and KNMV certifiedinstructor.

Personal guidance

Motorcycle Highschool instructors have followed a course to guide students with ASD.

E-Driving School

With our E-Driving school you can manage your own schedule, plan your lessons, make payments and more. You can even book your first lesson right now!

We believe in the strength of an individually tailored course for you. We are going into this together en together we’ll get through.